Ethics ✓

At ONADIVA  we stand firm by the following 5 Golden rules x doing Business with our prospect clients.
1) Treat every buyer/client as though that person represents 1,000 referrals.
2) Provide extraordinary service.
You can’t expect your clients to refer their friends, co-workers and family members to you if you don’t over-deliver on what they’ ve purchased from you.
3)  Always Ask: “How Can We Do What We Do So Well, That Our Customers Can’t Help But Tell Their Friends About Us?” You want to make the process of doing business with you so extraordinary that clients can’t help but tell their friends. I’m not just talking about your specific business. I’m talking about the interaction… the human interaction clients have with you and your staff. I’m talking about making the act of doing business itself so extraordinary that it leaves a mark on your client.
4) It all gets back to the Golden Rule – Treat others as you want to be treated.
How would you treat your clients if you imagined they were family? Would you treat your clients with a different level of respect?
5) Always approach every transaction in your business as an act of giving… not receiving.
Extend yourself over and beyond the client’s expectation levels. This is critical. Extend just enough so your client says “Wow… I wish every business treated me that!”
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