QR Code x Hair Salon/ Nails

Specials on products, buy one get one spa services, or even when a certain hair stylist has time available. Many times, people walk into the salon, have their service done, and leave. But what about keeping track of them? How do you contact your entire customer base to share specials without calling each one of them?

A sign in the salon with a QR code will attract attention. Clients will scan the code and then be directed to a link where they can opt in to the salon’s mailing list. You will then have access to everyone’s contact information without messy papers and data entry to deal with.

Once you have a customer base with their phone numbers in an easily manipulated database. Send specials instantly letting them know you’re running a three hour special on shampoos. Or let them know that tomorrow you’re running a customer appreciation day. They get information immediately and are happy to enjoy in the savings.

Send occasional specials to your customers to keep them happy. Don’t overload them with something every day, but enough to keep your salon in the back of their mind. It will improve customer retention and will ultimately increase profits. More profits mean a booming business and opportunities to expand. All because of the mobile phone.Print your newly created QR code and place it around your salon, on the mirrors or any other highly visible areas. Spread the word for your customers to scan your QR Code. You can now offer special discounts or grow a list of customers to market to through text messaging.

Wednesday morning you’ve had some cancellations and your business is slow. You send out a text message to all of those customers on your list and offer them 20% off any service for the remainder of the day. Do you think that would draw your customers attention? Of course!

Why should you use Email Marketing?

Your email list should consist of people who are interested in what you have to offer. This provides a much more valuable advertising audience than a mass media advertising message. People are on your list because they choose to hear from you. Email marketing for your Salon or Spa may be the most powerful and underused method of online marketing available. It has the advantage of being much more personal, since the messages are being sent to individuals that already know about you.

Building your Email List

In order to make this form of online marketing work, you need to start building a list of email addresses. The more, the better! The most common way to get email addresses is having an email sign up form right on your website. All of the website services mentioned here provide the capability to create your own sign up forms along with instructions on how to add them to your website. The higher up on a web page you place your sign up form, the more people will see it.

Another great way to get your clients on your email list is to simply ask them. Have an email sign up form on your counter or separate stations and include a link to your Newsletter sign up form in all of your regular emails.

Here are some ideas for your beauty services business:

  • Introductory offers for a new stylist, technician or location
  • Holiday promotions (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day)
  • Selling Gift Certificates with the qr code especially during the holidays season.
  • In-store product sales and clearance
  • Online Store
  • Specials on a particular new or existing service
  • Increase business during slower times (slower days): Run Offers for particular days and times and set up Deals with bonus times, where customers will receive more value for their voucher than at other times.
  • Increase your in-store or ecommerce product sales: Encourage sales of the products you use during client services by giving the customer a Private Deal for their first purchase. If you offer online sales of salon products, distribute special Deals and Offers to your email lists and social networks to encourage customers to make a purchase between appointments.
  • Promote loyalty on your email list: While your regular customers value your relationship and may be apprehensive about presenting an impersonal Daily Deal voucher to you, they will appreciate a special Deal expressly created for them. Sending Deals to your best customers via email gives them a reason to look forward to seeing your updates in their inbox.
  • Increase client referrals: Include a URL and/or scannable QR code on your business card that connects to a Closely Deal for new clients. Distribute these to your happy customers so when someone asks where they got that great cut, color or manicure, they can connect the curious prospect to a place to purchase a service instantly.
  • Increase your customer base with gift certificates: Offer your clients a special to receive a gift certificate for a friend with a purchase for themselves.
  • $30 for hair color with a value of $60 to $85
  • $15 for hair design with a value of $25 to $35
  • 3 deals max per customer – sharing with friends allowed
  • Purchase required within 48 hours of unlocking the deal
  • Purchase required by 12/29/12 and redemption within 30 days of purchase.

Discounts should be offered to increase the average revenue per client – Promotions should stimulate increased sales of higher-priced luxury services, such as massages and skin treatments.

Discounts should not cannibalize the revenue from core offerings like hair services – The salon  loyal customers would return to their favorite stylists without a deal incentive.

Deals should be limited in number, so the staff can easily manage the increased demand.

Deals should be timed to increase demand during the slower time right before the holidays – rather than driving traffic on days that are already busy.


These rewards allow you to reward and engage the client on the spot, encouraging repeat business and reducing the chance that your new customers don’t stay “one visit wonders.”

Your online offers will supplement your offline efforts to increase your overall reach and visibility.